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To reach Dennis DeToye email to:



I accept commissions on a very limited basis only.   If you commission me, you are buying art - my art.  You may not like the art that has been created.  If you want a photographic likeness of someone, have a photograph taken.  

To commission me, we will discuss the proposed work including the subject, the size of the work and the price.  You must provide several quality photographs of the subject.  Once all details have been established, you must pay 1/3 of the full price before I begin.

I agree to do my very best work possible.  You will see sketches and the finished drawing on the canvas.  You are also encouraged to see the work as it progresses.  These are the stages when the work can be changed.

Once I have determined the work is finished, you can:

1. Accept the finished work and pay the remaining 2/3 plus any shipping costs. 

2.  Reject the work and pay no more.   I keep the 1/3 for my materials and labor and I keep the painting with full right to show or sell the work. 

You can not have any changes in the work after the painting is finished and has been paid for it unless you pay 1/3 additional for each change.


After contacting me via email and receiving prices and  instructions, purchase my work by clicking on the Buy Now button below. The transaction will be handled through Pay Pal.  Not every painting on this website is available for purchase.

Sizes are based on my "Standard Size" of 40" X 50"